May 5th (Saluting An American Pioneer)

May 5, 2013

President Obama has spent the past week trolling for votes among undocumented Democrats, purportedly as a way of strengthening historic ties between the United States and its neighbor to the south, which-as we’ve pointed out in the past-have always been a little tetchy. While the irony of issuing paeans to Mexico as a patriotic, John Phillips Sousa march plays him out is lost on Obama, some of us took note.

Of course, no Obama itinerary would be complete without some brazen dissembling about who is chiefly responsible for the wave of narco-terrorism sweeping that country. Hint: It has nothing to do with Barack Obama’s patently illegal, reckless gun-trafficking operation. Although many observers stateside have become inured to these lies, one wonders how the thousands of relatives of Mexican casualties feel about our President’s indifference to admitting culpability in this tragedy. Something tells me they’re not elated at his visit, despite the apologia included in the Los Angeles Times’s obsequious coverage.

So, instead of reflecting upon an historically marginal battle that’s insignificant to most people outside of the  state of Puebla, or imploring Congress to ratify and expand upon Barack Obama’s unconstitutional series of administrative amnesties, I say we join in appreciation of a great moment in American history. Namely, the day that Alan Shepard became the first American-and only the second person-to travel into space. In addition to watching the fantastic video above, I highly recommend reading a fascinating essay from The Atlantic which explores the way in which history and myth-making intersect, often in misleading ways. It’ll be a nice departure from how people traditionally celebrate this holiday.




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