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June 15, 2012

I’ll post a more expansive exploration of the President’s latest unconstitutional administrative amnesty in the days ahead, but for now I’ll provide some pertinent links, including Janet Napolitano’s risible press release and video of Barack Obama’s abortive press conference in the Rose Garden-seen above.

When a reporter from the Daily Caller had the temerity to question the wisdom of granting work permits to millions of illegal aliens at a time of mass unemployment-close to a quarter of teenagers are currently without work-our fearless leader reacted in his typically composed manner. Of course, there is only one possible explanation for this contretemps; I’ll let you guess for yourself what it is. Federale has a good run-down of  El Jefe’s latest extraconstitutional power grab, which I highly recommend reading. Of course, the only elected Republican official to come out with a prompt, correct verdict on this administration’s latest iteration of amnesty was Governor Jan Brewer.

Unfortunately, the woman who eats scorpions for breakfast won’t be the Republican Party’s presidential choice this election cycle.  The GOP’s presumptive nominee is the antithesis of courage on this particular issue, as his tepid reaction to President Obama’s usurpation of power today demonstrates. We’ll see what happens in the days ahead, but so far things don’t look encouraging.



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