About Us

American-Rattlesnake is a website dedicated to reporting news, producing independent analysis, and promoting citizen activism with regards to immigration, particularly illegal and undocumented immigration.  Veteran activist Gerard Perry serves as the Editor-in-Chief of  American-Rattlesnake.

American-Rattlesnake supports Arizona’s SB 1070 statute and believes it serves as a model for the rest of the country. American-Rattlesnake believes the current status quo is unacceptable, and that strong action must be taken to find illegal aliens and deport them.  American-Rattlesnake is against amnesty.  Amnesty has been tried in the past, and it has failed.

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Illegal immigration lowers working class wages, degrades working conditions for all, and puts undue strain on public resources like schools and law enforcement.  Most importantly, illegal immigration forms an unassimilated shadow society of strangers that undermines the very basis of a civil democratic society.

American-Rattlesnake is committed to full, frank, and intelligent discussion, with input from all sides of the issue.

American-Rattlesnake.org is owned and published by Michel Evanchik.

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