April Fools

April 19, 2017

April 1, 2017.  A 3 event day. It could have been a four, but that would be way too much ‘fun’. After the Health March, the April Fools Parade and my afternoon jaunt with the BLM Commies, I had no regrets for having skipped the People’s Filibuster. Moving on…

FIRST up (for me) was the Noonish March For Health, NYC.

However, it was not at Trump Tower as expected.

Nope, I found them at Fifth Avenue and 58th, in front of the Apple Store. (A location the NYPD is using more and more) just as they were leaving their pen.

They were marching  across Central Park South to Central Park West (and 61st). [Another location now preferred by the NYPD]

Had to run to catch them since this was no slow procession.

Nope. This was a FAST march past Central Park.

Once I caught up, I found a few pithy signs, but you had to be quick to read or take a picture or take a picture of them. Geez, this was one serious speed walk/march for your health.

[Slideshow below]


Once at 61st, the March For Health had arranged speakers. But these speeches would surely hold no surprises.

Same ol’ Same ol’.

SO …. I headed back for the second protest, aka, “parade”. Billed as “The 32nd Annual April Fools’ Parade: “Make Russia Great Again“.

Claiming to be the largest gathering of Trump Look-a-likes. Not by a LONG shot. This was the parade …with just a smattering of Trump masks.

It was pretty lame and tame, this FOOLS’ Day Parade.

Except for the TRUMP OUT HOUSE. That was a winner. Potty humor and the cameras went wild.


Oh yes, and there was an unexpected guest …. a familiar Trump supporter. With his Trump in 2020 flag held high, he greeted the “parade” as they arrived at Trump Tower.

I took a few more pictures, listened to the 2020 Trump guy respond as the April fools challenged his veracity and intelligence.

Finally the APRIL FOOLS’ “Parade” marched slowly down Fifth Ave to Washington Square; SLOWLY thanks to an awkwardly mobile outhouse.

Not expecting Washington Sq. to be much more exciting , I went inside Trump Tower, scanned and approved, for a brief respite in our NYC “White House.”

Next Stop – 2 pm. Black Lives Matter and their comrades-in-red gathered in Herald Square. Today, they demanded an END to Trump and de Blasio’s War on Black People. (Like this was a new topic of protest.)

Found the ubiquitous NYC Soc/Commie/Leftists approaching from 32nd St.

Signs held high. Purveyors of Anarchy. Promoters of Racism.

FULL of unmasked hatred for our police and ICE

(Immigration Law is BAD)

And, of course, white people. If you are Black or Brown: Resist. Insurrection.

[The video below has a few of their racist chants and one brave American who tried to talk LOGIC.]

They sure do hate Red Bill de Blasio. (More than Trump, perhaps?)

Like many Marxist-led protests this crowd was comprised of many 20-somethings. Reseeding their stock. (The guy in brown sweatshirt tried to talk sense to them.)

Smugly snookered into shilling for violence in our streets. DEAF and BLIND to all logic. ABOLISH the NYPD! Yeah, that’s the ticket.

[Slide show below]


Easter Weekend. Tax Day. Passover. It’s going to be another busy weekend. Like I said: They. Never. Stop.

++Pictures and video Property of Pamela Hall++

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