Political Posturing

April 2, 2017

Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe_ Author: Edward Kimmel

On the heels of the Rockville rape, which prompted local Democrats to propose a bill that would make their city a sanctuary city, Virginians are dealing with the brutal murder of a teenager at the hands of 3 criminal aliens. Governor McAuliffe has claimed he wants those who commit serious criminal offenses to be deported, although it makes you wonder what he considers to be a serious criminal offense. If serious crimes are as narrow in scope as what Mayor De Blasio has defined, then these comments are anything but reassuring.

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One Response to Political Posturing

  1. Peace on April 2, 2017 at 3:19 AM

    Good article! The “Rockville rape” was a serious crime, for sure. For myself, I define ‘serious crimes” as those crimes committed with a firearm or other dangerous weapon, AND those crimes of rape. Any politician or political figure, who refuses to specifically define what they mean by serious crimes, is simply riding the fence and is not standing up for nor supporting innocent victims of crime. We, the public, should ask that politicians and political figures specifically define what they mean by the term “serious crimes”. And also, we need specific wording when it comes to writing bills, and supporting laws, that cover “serious crimes”. Any political figure or politician that is ‘vague’ about defining what they mean when talking about “serious crimes” or any political figure or politician that refuses to define what they mean by “serious crimes” is not standing up for nor supporting people who have been or who are crime victims or survivors of crime. We need to elect politicians who support crime victims rather than those politicians who support people who have been convicted of violent crime and (crimes committed with weapons, and crimes of rape, and crimes of murder. When defining “serious crimes”, public officials and politicians need to include those crimes that result in severe disability, paralyzation, rape or death.

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