No Refuge

November 30, 2016

Sign on Somali Road in the London Borough of Camden. January 3, 2008. Author: David Howard, a.k.a. satguru

Mr. Chapin raises a pertinent question, prompted by the jihadist assault upon Ohio State University-a gun-free zone, it should be noted. Why are they here? Is it so deluded liberals can enjoy tales of rampant Islamophobia told by picaresque scamps who’ll then go on to try and murder them? Is it because Ohioans enjoy being governed by moral and intellectual cripples like John Kasich, who believe that communities are enriched by Somali Muslims, all evidence to the contrary? Is it to appease the freedom-loathing scum who work for the SPLC? Is it perhaps some combination of all the above?

Whatever the reason(s) used to justify this policy of importing kamikazes from the Middle East and North Africa, they are not sufficient. We don’t need, nor do we want, this type of vibrant diversity. It needs to end before another American life is threatened or, God forbid, taken.

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