The Daily Rattle (Presidential Edition)

October 4, 2016

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A couple of news items before tonight’s VP debate:

-The Department of Homeland Security has scotched an investigation into the Clinton family’s bagman, Governor Terry McAuliffe, as well as Hillary’s younger brother, ex repo man/current parasite Tony Rodham. Both men were involved in a scheme to fast-track visa applications under the E-5 investor visa program, which is riddled with corruption and fraud. Of course, when the man accused of facilitating these potentially illegal acts is now the Deputy Secretary of DHS, what more can one expect?

-There were no blockbuster revelations of DNC chicanery or HRC contempt for Bernie supporters at the press conference held by Julian Assange earlier today. However, there was a promise of more disclosures to come, including information bearing on the current presidential race and the machinations of Google, a new media monopoly which continues to use AI as means of manipulating what information is available to the public. In case you were wondering which candidate Google is supporting this election cycle, take a peek at what its former CEO is up to these days.

-Finally, in a bit of good news, the Supreme Court has rejected the Obama administration’s request to rehear a case that put a halt to its unconstitutional administrative amnesty. The 4-4 decision merely serves to reinforce how important the upcoming presidential election is, because the ¬†winner will be able to decide how far he or she is able to abuse the office of the presidency. It’s something else to keep in mind as you watch tonight’s debate.


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