Attack On Abidjan

March 14, 2016


 A house from French colonial time (French West Africa) in Grand Bassam, Ivory Coast, still inhabited. Author: Joker X

The latest assault by practitioners of the Religion of Peace against the civilized world occurred yesterday on a beach resort in the Ivory Coast, approximately 25 miles from the capital Abidjan. Like the Burkina Faso siege by Al-Mourabitoun and the Sousse attack of last year, the vast majority of victims bore no relation to military forces, either foreign or domestic, but were chosen simply because they were perceived to be agents of the West. Apparently the consumption of alcohol isn’t quite as haram as allowing non-Muslim infidels to congregate peacefully in a nation seen as contested territory.

As DW points out, the actions of AQIM are in part motivated by its rivalry with the much larger body of jihadist murderers known as the Islamic State, which has been making inroads into Africa after establishing a toehold in Libya, a wellspring of international jihadism, targeting neighboring countries and Europe, thanks to the decisions of the current Democratic Party frontrunner. The BBC has an harrowing account of a woman who survived this latest jihadist massacre, which is worth reading in its entirety.





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