Squelching Speech

November 15, 2016


Update: More details on Oleg’s political detention, courtesy of CounterJihad

Despite the hope that President-elect Trump would usher in a new era of political toleration-after 1st Amendment critic Hillary Clinton’s historic loss-the fact remains that our institutions of higher learning are controlled by people who value dogma over truth. The latest illustration of this being my friend Oleg Atbashian’s arrest for wrong think on the campus of George Mason University.

Daniel Greenfield’s report-which includes Oleg’s firsthand account of his political detention-is worth reading in its entirety, as is Pamela Geller’s writeup of the incident, which points out that this is the same university which recently hired a “reformed” jihadist as an anti-terrorism scholar. This is yet another reminder that draining the swamp doesn’t merely apply to the incestuous, corrupt corporate-government alliance in Washington D.C. It is a metaphor for purging our society of the anti-freedom, anti-rational, multiculturalist dogma espoused by the regressive left. A mindset which, unfortunately, predominates within our cultural institutions.

Oleg’s arrest is merely the latest volley in an unceasing campaign to crush any dissent from the cultural Marxism which has seeped throughout the core of our civilization. He lived the first 4 decades of his life in a nation whose vitality had been hollowed out by Communism. Surrounded by people who had been infected by soul mange, whose personal morality and ethic had been eroded by living in a society built upon lies, which is why he became an American. We can’t let the same process unfold here.



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