Garden State Grifter

March 8, 2015


It would appear that the federal government is close to charging the senior Senator from the Soprano State with corruption charges stemming from his relationship to Democratic Party ATM Salomon Melgen. Unlike the arrest of a criminal alien sex offender which Mr. Menendez once employed, this decision doesn’t seem to be directly tied to the political calendar. Although at least one of his colleagues is suggesting that it might be politically inspired, considering the Senator’s vocal opposition to President Obama’s recent foreign policy choices.

Questionable optics aside, it’s worth noting that this will be the second major Democratic officeholder of national consequence within the past month to be brought low by his lax approach to ethics. If only the fourth estate spent as much time and effort chronicling the damage inflicted upon ordinary citizens by our government’s approach to immigration enforcement as it did reporting the pedestrian news of yet another corrupt public official.

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