Diversity’s Collateral Damage

April 11, 2015

16 April 2013, 02:52 Boston Marathon Explosions. Taken from Wikipedia. Uploaded by Russia

This week’s guilty verdict returned in the trial of Chechen Islamic terrorist Dzhokhar Tsarnaev gives us the perfect opportunity to reflect upon the dysfunctional nature of our government’s immigration system. Not simply its implicit endorsement of specific individuals who are confirmed terrorists in other parts of the globe, but its mass importation of refugees whose intrinsic beliefs are inimical to the values and deleterious to the lives of American citizens.

Steve Sailer’s trenchant observation at the time of the Boston Marathon bombing-and subsequent revelations about the atrocity’s perpetrators-that if there truly are only 100 Chechen immigrants living in this country-which is undoubtedly an underestimate if we’re including those here illegally, but we’ll concede the point-then over 2 percent of them are spectacular international terrorists, is worth pondering. The fact that the Tsarnaev’s crone-like mother has emerged as a champion of her malignant issue, in spite of the fact that we gave her family an opportunity to live in a country that isn’t a bomb-cratered, third world colony of the former Soviet Union, shouldn’t come as a surprise.

Asra Nomani’s review of Masha Gessen’s biography of the two Boston Marathon murderers gives you an insight into how the warped views of the Tsarnaev matriarch make perfect sense within an hermitically sealed community whose frustrations and hatreds are nurtured by a state-sanctioned course of multiculturalism. Hundreds of Americans’ lives have been marred so that diversity can be preserved, and that is one of the enduring lessons of the Tsarnaev trial, unfortunately. A lesson that we’ll have ample opportunity to digest in the months and years ahead.



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