Je Suis Geller

May 9, 2015

Pamela Geller

Update: The incomparable Mark Steyn has returned with a brilliant column laying out the stakes. 

At the risk of self-plagiarism, I’ll repeat a status update I posted the other day to my Facebook profile in relation to the attempted massacre of innocent Americans taking part in a Constitutionally protected assembly earlier this week in Garland, Texas. I think it encapsulates the feelings of many towards the Fourth Estate as it’s currently constituted.

I really can’t think of a more undeservedly self-satisfied, useless collection of human beings than contemporary journalists. If this were Golgrafrincham, they would be sent out into the void of space on the B ark, along with parking enforcement agents and professional landscapers.

If anything, I think I’m underestimating the cravenness and solipsism of a class of people who have bastardized their vocation to the point where it not only refuses to perform its assumed role-namely, provide an accurate and reliable account of news events-but has actually mutated into a vehicle for the mass diffusion of blatant lies. Incapable of actually reporting the news, these ostensible reporters have now decided to craft narratives that exonerate themselves from their failures of duty and nerve. The apogee of cowardice, naturally, took the form of an editorial in the New York Times, a publication whose pusillanimity and rigid devotion to multiculturalist dogma has evolved beyond parody by this point.

To get a broader, if not comprehensive, look at how this country’s intrepid journalists treated a domestic terror assault against our nation’s first freedom, I would recommend reading James Taranto’s brilliant fisking of the news media’s treatment of the abortive Garland massacre in his Best of the Web column. These moral and intellectual eunuchs expose themselves with each public word, but we still need to call them to account and point out just how despicable their actions are. How inimical they are to their chosen profession, and how at odds their warped world view is with this nation’s legal and political cornerstones. For that, Mr. Taranto deserves our gratitude.



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