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March 5, 2015

2 November 2013, Author: Kevin Case

Despite initial attempts to market his municipal ID program as a benign attempt to help New Yorkers from ostensibly marginalized communities, it’s hard for anyone-even those in the media whose job increasingly seems to be obfuscation rather than illumination-to credulously argue that these identification cards constitute anything other than a further deliberate erosion of the legal distinctions between American citizens and illegal aliens. The recent revelation that the city bureaucracy will destroy all information about illegal aliens it collects in connection with this program should a Republican be inaugurated President two years hence demonstrates the real intent behind these ID cards. It is, as Noah Rothman states in the article describing this plan, an obscenity. However, it’s not surprising in the least when you stop to consider the true purpose of this initiative, which is embedding illegal aliens further within our societal framework, in this case, by dispensing even more breeder documents for their eventual exploitation.

One of the delightful ironies of the unanticipated success of New York City’s new ID card is watching illegal alien activists who lobbied for this very program be forced to endure, horror of horrors, the prolonged wait that accompanies registration for any future appointment to obtain this document. I myself was able to snag an appointment in the middle of August, giving me the pleasure of contemplating travel that probably will not involve walking across five inch sheets of ice and snow. The fact that these individuals did not foresee any delays within a government bureaucracy-especially one as notoriously inept and inefficient as the one governing this city-attests to either the stupidity or naivete of those spearheading the drive to erase whatever remaining penalties or inhibitions attend to people living in this country unlawfully.

It’s also, however, a reminder that the assurances given that this program will not endanger the health or safety of ordinary New Yorkers-or those living elsewhere-are not based upon anything more substantive than the public relations spin of the open borders lobby. It’s something you would all be wise to consider the next time you watch a press conference given by Mayor Bill de Blasio or one of his underlings touting the success of New York’s new municipal IDs.



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