Breaking The Law

December 17, 2012

One of the hallmarks of the Obama administration throughout its first term has been deception. The compulsion of the President and his surrogates to deny, obfuscate, and blatantly deceive the press corps, their political opponents-even, on occasion, their political allies-and the American public is beyond dispute. That Barack Obama is willing to stand behind his attorney general, despite the fact that he has dissembled repeatedly before Congress and the public, in some cases about deliberate actions which have led to the murder of hundreds of innocent Mexican civilians and several American immigration and Border Patrol agents, testifies to how little he values accountability or transparency in government.

For those who might have thought this tendency would dissipate in the President’s second term, you need only look at the criminal coverup involving one of Barack Obama’s close political allies, Senator Robert Menendez, to be disabused of this hope. It really shouldn’t surprise anyone that an administration which has no respect for the rule of law would abet lawlessness on Capitol Hill as well as in the White House. The non-enforcement of immigration law is now being applied to criminal aliens who are sex offenders, at least if they happen to work in the office of one of President Obama’s political allies. Apparently, the Department of Homeland Security’s protection of sex offenders extends beyond the TSA.

As this New York Daily News article illustrates, the chief response of Robert Menendez to the arrest of his unpaid, illegal, sex criminal intern was, naturally, to bang the drum for a further expansion of Barack Obama’s unconstitutional evasions of immigration law such as DACA and administrative amnesty. Unfortunately,  Senator Menendez can’t be deported, having been born in New York City. Therefore, New Jerseyans will be stuck with him for the next six years.



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