The Daily Rattle, 11/3/14 (Election Eve Edition)

November 3, 2014

Ballot Box showing preferential voting. Original uploader was UkraineToday at en.wikipedia. Public Domain.

With Election Day imminent, it’s only appropriate that this edition of the Daily Rattle begins with a few news items dealing with important votes taking place throughout the country. One of the most revealing contests does not involve a single political candidate, but is actually a referendum taking place in the deep-blue state of Oregon. Measure 88, a ballot proposition that would invest illegal aliens living in that state with driver’s licenses-just like their fellow lawbreakers to the north-looks to be headed towards a resounding defeat, to the surprise, no doubt, of everyone but those of us who have been paying attention. Thankfully, this ACLU-crafted invitation to further criminality-and potential mayhem in the skies-will be rejected by sensible Oregon voters, even if the pathetic incumbent-along with the lovely, immigration fraud enabler to whom he’s married-remains in the governor’s mansion.

Unfortunately, the political appeal for defending the health and security of American citizens is  a concept that’s all but lost on those currently running the Republican Party. You need look no further than Democratic political consultant-and advisor to former President Jimmy Carter-Pat Caddell to realize the utter stupidity of the GOP neglecting the most important domestic policy issue of our time. His description of the GOP as the Stupid Party encapsulates our feelings on this subject, as most of you already know. For anyone doubting the validity of this assertion, a recent survey demonstrating that the vast majority of Coloradans want all illegal aliens deported-contrary to the pro-amnesty stances proffered by candidates of both parties-should dispel your skepticism. As should the remarkably successful senatorial campaign of Scott Brown, who has bravely bucked the trend of Republican candidates dodging the subject of patriotic immigration reform, no doubt to the horror and consternation of the editors at the Wall Street Journal.

The results of these elections will have momentous consequences, not the least of them being a potential increase in crime unleashed by relaxed-or non-existent-immigration enforcement. USA Today has confirmed what almost everyone suspected regarding last year’s politically-motivated release of thousands of illegal aliens from federal custody during the sequestration process. Namely, that these individuals were not benign Dreamers, but rapists, human traffickers, and kidnappers, insincere protestations  to the contrary  by administration flacks notwithstanding. Kudos to the New Hampshire Union Leader for seeking the disclosure of the names of criminal aliens whose identity ICE bureaucrats were attempting to hide from public. And if you’re under the impression that aliens who’ve committed a serious crime will eventually be punished, no such luck. The case of Cynthia Garcia-Cisneros demonstrates that even killing two children through your own lethal negligence will not ensure prison time, let alone deportation for your crimes.

Whether or not the African immigrant who raped and mutilated his wife will be punished for his acts of barbarity remains to be seen. He does not appear to be a beneficiary of the President’s unconstitutional DACA amnesty, so the chances that he’ll be able to skate on these charges-or illegally cast a ballot in the upcoming elections-appear remote. However, the potential for increased violence visited upon innocent Americans as a result of our government’s open borders policies will no doubt increase in the days ahead, as the President amps up his de facto, patently unconstitutional administrative amnesty. In fact, the Obama White House is making no bones about its intent in this regard, as the recent speech by Leon Rodriguez celebrating its forthcoming abuse of power makes clear, as does the order for thousands of work authorization permits for the illegal aliens who will presumably be regularized once the election is over. Labor Secretary Thomas Perez’s specious assertion that the upcoming expansion of  Obama’s administrative amnesty will result in shared prosperity is no doubt intended to allay concerns over the upcoming deluge. Perhaps these propagandists should tell the scores of IT workers who were blackballed from gainful employment by favor-seeking tech firms-about the benefits of mass immigration.

The Obama administration has had its hands full, what with bypassing the constitutional process, easing the lives of criminal aliens-while simultaneously obstructing any investigation into the release of these domestic threats-and allowing over 100,000 Haitians to come to the United States without visas, but it hasn’t neglected to harm American interests in other ways. I’m thinking chiefly of the obstruction of justice related to the Fast and Furious debacle, which proceeds unabated. Thankfully, Judicial Watch continues to shine a spotlight upon one of the greatest crimes perpetrated by the Department of Justice.

As a result, the public now has access to a Vaughn index describing Fast and Furious records, including a tranche of e-mails detailing Attorney General Eric Holder’s intimate involvement in leading the spin machine devoted to exculpating this administration from blame for the fallout from Fast and Furious. Judicial Watch has also obtained information about the pivotal role Valerie Jarrett, President Obama’s Svengali-played in the potential perjury of the outgoing Attorney General before Congress. Like the true dimensions of the invasion coming across our southern border from Central America, most major media outlets have decided to ignore one of the most flagrant examples of Executive corruption within the past five decades.

Another underreported story is the Enterovirus D68 outbreak which continues to claim the lives of young children throughout the nation. In the state of California, the rate of infections has doubled within a week, while questions about its origin remain unanswered, contrary to the tendentious conclusions reached by those acclaimed epidemiologists at Media Matters. Moving on to another lethal virus, the National Border Patrol Council has confirmed that hundreds of foreign nationals from the three African nations devastated by Ebola have been detained at the Mexican-American border over the course of the past year. As others have pointed out recently, a dire scenario involving this epidemic involves the spread of the virus throughout Central America, which would make the recent surge of unaccompanied minors look positively benign by comparison. It’s unclear whether future ebola victims traveling to the United States will be entitled to reap the benefits of Obamacare, but rest assured that the procedures used to handle their cases will be based upon political opportunism as much-if not more so-than common sense.

However we deal with them, I’m sure their treatment will elicit cries of xenophobia and lectures on discrimination from the president of Mexico, who continues to believe that our immigration policies should be contoured to accommodate the aspirations of the corrupt, extraordinarily wealthy elite which rules his country. The fact that there might be legitimate economic, cultural, defense or health reasons to limit entry to the United States never occurs to those ensconced in power, whether they reside in Mexico City or in the Big Apple. Just as the concept of having a unifying culture has become anathema to the ruling class, so has the concept of having a common language which binds citizens.

Overseas, civilizational decline proceeds apace, assisted in no small part by the anti-democratic institutions which have been established to serve as a check on the bien pensant attitudes of their native peoples. More than 100,000 uninvited migrants have breached the border crossing which separates France from Italy, according to Le Figaro. The situation in Spain is not much better, as a violent confrontation between a border guard and migrant which occurred recently in Melilla-one of the last obstacles impeding refugees from access to continental Europe-illustrates. In fact, the reality of this nightmarish situation has become so glaringly evident that many European nations-the United Kingdom among them-are rethinking their support for a rescue program which has only served to encourage more potentially deadly journeys across what the Romans once called mare nostrum. I suppose we should be grateful that some European leaders are at least paying lip service to national sovereignty, although none has been as bold as Australian Immigration Minister Scott Morrison, who wants to know why Third World refugees feel entitled to permanent resettlement in developed, First World nations.

If only America had a leader willing to resist the monolith of multiculturalism and open borders activism. Unfortunately, the one state that has thus far rejected the United Nations refugee resettlement program which has unraveled so many tightly knit, beautiful American communities is led by a man who appears ready to accede to the wishes of the UN and U.S. State Department. The consequences of continuing this long march towards oblivion could not be more dire, as the recent jihadist attacks in Canada make clear. The terror attack in Ottawa was enabled in large measure by the manipulation of the immigration system, as Debbie Schlussel points out in an illuminating post exploring some of the history behind  Michael Zehaf-Bibeau’s attack on Parliament Hill and Canada’s National War Memorial. Given the current state of our relationship with Muslim newcomers, it’s not surprising that even before the terrorist assaults in Canada Western nations were advising their soldiers to become invisible. A perfect metaphor, alas, for our current state of affairs.


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