The Cost of Amnesty

July 5, 2013

Sean Hannity at King of Prussia Mall, PA.Modified by CrazyLegsKC, original taken by Hello32020 Released into the Public Domain.

The shortcomings of Sean Hannity as a cable news host and interviewer are widely known, yet he deserves some credit for interviewing Dennis Michael Lynch, despite his network’s seeming embargo of any information critical of its CEO’s dogmatic open borders agenda, on the day America celebrated its independence from its colonial master, Great Britain. You can view part of this interview, and read a rush transcript, on the FNC website.

I urge you to pay particular attention to the discussion of the well-organized campaign by Soros-bankrolled, La Raza affiliates like Casa de Maryland to impute racism to the dissent expressed by patriotic American citizens. This tactic will be employed with increasing frequency as the cheap labor lobby and its allies redouble their efforts to push the Gang of Eight monstrosity over the finish line in the House of Representatives. Kudos to Sean Hannity for bringing this issue to the attention of a national audience, however belatedly.

Let’s hope this is the beginning of  a trend.


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2 Responses to The Cost of Amnesty

  1. jdcsusa.ww on July 5, 2013 at 5:06 PM

    David Horowitz (a 1960′s hardcore leftist turned conservative) and Jacob Laksin have written a thoroughly researched and documented book, The New Leviathan, that exposes the huge money machine financing leftwing organizations. In the appendix he compares the money given in federal grants to “conservative” immigration groups (opposing open borders and illegal immigration) to federal grants given to “progressive” groups (for open borders and illegal immigration). They document that only 1 “conservative” group, The National Policy Institute, received a federal grant for $18,094, while 111 “progressive” groups received $325.3 million in federal grants! That’s our tax money folks. There is also a similar pattern for other types of leftwing groups. Also virtually every major, private, philanthropic foundation e.g. Ford, Carnegie, Rockefeller etc. is now controlled by leftist who channel money to leftwing groups. THEY ESTIMATE THAT THE POLITICAL LEFT HAS 10 TIMES THE ASSETS OF RIGHTWING GROUPS. Every patriot should read this book and maybe send a copy to Sean Hannity. He may be open to reconsidering his new friendship with the open borders lobby and his bosses’ strange bedfellows relation ship with those who openly proclaim to hate their guts.

  2. G. Perry on July 5, 2013 at 5:22 PM

    I’m dubious as to how much it would influence Hannity, but I suppose it’s worth a shot. The extent of open borders lobbying-and the great disparity between the money they spend and that spent by patriotic, immigration reform groups-has been extensively documented on this site. The Sunlight Foundation and Open Secrets are probably the best sources of information for people who want to find out just how pernicious and widespread their influence is in Washington D.C.

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