A New Day in the UK

May 3, 2013

UKIP Leader Nigel Farage. 19 May 2008 Author: Euro Realist Newsletter

Congratulations to UKIP and its visionary leadership, including leader Nigel Farage! Granted, it’s simply by-elections-the real test lies ahead-but anytime you can anger and frighten the multi-culti, metropolitan,middle class, left wing pricks at the Beeb and their Guardianista comrades to this extent, you know you’ve hit pay dirt. The debate over coercive multiculturalism and ahistoric, politically engineered mass immigration to Great Britain, as well as the legal/moral double standards these policies engender, has finally begun in earnest, despite the best efforts of that nation’s gatekeepers to ruthlessly suppress it.

Just as the UK Independence Party exposed the folly of the European integration project, so it will lead the charge to restore common sense to that country’s immigration policies. Three cheers from across the Atlantic!






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