Cost-benefit Analysis

January 23, 2012

Following up on last week’s video exploring the problem posed by Pakistani gangs in the United Kingdom, today I’ll present a fascinating debate between Matt Cavanagh and Nigel Farage, leader of UKIP, over the wisdom of mass (unskilled) immigration to a modern welfare state afflicted by recessionary economic conditions. Pay close attention to Farage’s rebuttal to the hoary canard that cohorts of unskilled  laborers are an inevitable byproduct of seeking high-skilled immigrant pools.

Although Cavanagh’s arguments are not persuasive, IMO, some of the callers to the BBC Radio program do hit upon some uncomfortable truths. One being that the seemingly congenital indolence of homegrown job-seekers in Great Britain-or at least, a substantial portion of them-is partially to blame for the current situation. Theodore Dalrymple has written exquisitely about the problem of yob culture, which seems to be endemic to England, contrasting it unfavorably with the innate courteousness and industriousness of some foreign-born Britons. Decide for yourself whether the UK’s current immigration policy is a sensible one. 

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