Holding Their Feet To The Fire

April 18, 2013

anti-amnesty NY ICE protest in Washington D.C.

Although the terrorist bombing of the Boston Marathon temporarily delayed its introduction in the U.S. Senate, much to the chagrin of Mexican  journalist, i.e. hack, Jorge Ramos, the Gang of Eight has finally introduced their bill, which is just as bad as we anticipated it being. Below is an account of  a New York ICE protest of the bill which occurred last week. Joanna Marzullo tells the tale of NY ICE members telling truth to well-funded, open borders demands after the jump.

April 10, 2013, Washington, DC.  NY ICE counter protested the most recent illegal alien stampede for amnesty on our nation’s capital.

This video and the photo above are from the event in Washington D.C.

It is of a NY ICE member holding a sign that refers to the big amnesty of 1986, and says, “They lied then, they’re lying now.”

Indeed, they are lying now, especially since NY’s sneaky Senator Schumer has his fingers in this newest amnesty proposal.

Schumer was part of the 1986 amnesty, and knows well enough how he deceived the american people by promising effectively secured borders as a result of that deal.  Now, once again, in his reverse of the Midas touch (everything Schumer touches turns to garbage), he is the egomaniac behind the  introduction of a similar bill that will not guarantee  effectively and permanently secured borders before giving amnesty to illegal alien trespassers. 

Besides, the bureaucrats that dominate the Department of Homeland Security’s ICE unit are not equipped to handle any of these Schumer-proposed complications. There are already immigration laws on the books that federal ICE is not enforcing. This Senate bill would introduce more laws that ICE would not have the resources to implement or comprehend, amounting to just more laws that it wouldn’t enforce.  

It would, in fact, be much easier, less complicated, and more cost-effective to just enforce our existing immigration laws and permanently secure our borders.

The above video shows how little illegals are “in the shadows”, like they claim to be. Hundreds of illegals stampede by in the few minutes it takes to film this footage, and they are storming our Nation’s capital like it’s a habit. They are clearly not in the shadows! Many are shown pushing strollers with anchor babies in them, and this just represents the illegals who are already in our country, not the ones that they would chain migrate into our country, if God forbid, they are legalized.  Chain migration is the name of the game for them, not “keeping their families together”, because their families could be reunited in their home countries.

NY ICE did get some mainstream press from this counter protest as well.  This Voice of America article is part of the mainstream press coverage.  NY ICer, Jim M.’s, quote appears toward the end of the article.  And, yes, this is not the illegal alien home. It’s our home. We are protecting our home, and our families, against intruders.



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One Response to Holding Their Feet To The Fire

  1. george on April 18, 2013 at 7:44 PM

    To begin with these ( 8 ) wannabe senators wouldn,t make one good pimple on a good republican senators ass, not a one of them could find his ass with both hands. I had high hopes for rubio, but its evident that though a good speaker, he is as simple as one gets, any a-hole stupid enough to pony up with the likes of schumer, or durben, and mccain has his head so far up his ass, it would take a mack truck to pull it out. And my fellow patriots, wasn,t mccain, while in a pow camp interrogated by the russians, being a vet from the nam era, I remember a cloud that fellowed him, menendez, we all know what menendez wants, the other two, ones attached at the hip with mccain, and the other is still wet behind the ears, and is lost. These anul treasonist sob,s need to find the nearest tree, but what can you say puppets to the daddy barry, old day treason trail for all involved. God bless america, and my fellow patriots, We the people have spoken. NOW IS THE TIME FOR ALL GOOD MEN AND WOMEN TO COME TO THE AID OF ARE COUNTRY. True american, lock and load, its time to saddle up my friends.

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