Desert Visions

May 17, 2012

As four separate wildfires devour the state of Arizona-burning more than 17,500 acres at last count-it’s instructive to look at how our government has handled its investigation into the two enormous ones which blazed a path of destruction across the state in 2011. According to the Arizona Daily Star, both the Horseshoe 2 and the Monument Fire were caused  by humans, which in the case of national forests invariably means illegal aliens and/or Mexican narco-traffickers nesting within wilderness cordoned off from American citizens. The tragedy, which should elicit anger and frustration in anyone concerned about the environment and the lives of law-abiding Arizonans, is that the Forest Service-the ostensible guardian of this land-has now recommended that investigations into both of these horrific fires be closed for lack of evidence

This recommendation comes in spite of the fact that the Government Accountability Office has implicated illegal aliens in the willful destruction of forest land-often for the purpose of protecting lucrative human and drug smuggling routes into the United States. Attempting to contain fires caused by our government’s neglect of border enforcement is bad enough, but as Jon Feere of the Center for Immigration Studies reports, these responses are inevitably hampered-if not halted altogether-because of the presence of thousands of illegal trespassers. The only reactive measure taken by federal officials, unfortunately, is too put up signs warning American citizens to beware of their presence.

Our good friend Cindy Kolb traveled back to Cochise County to document the scene of the crimes. To appreciate the scale of this tragedy, simply look over the Facebook gallery she’s created in order to show the rest of us-who don’t live along the most heavily used rat line for human smuggling and narcotics trafficking in the country-just what has been lost because of the federal government’s neglect and indifference to the concerns of those who live in border states. The picture that you see at the top of this entry is of the Horseshoe 2 fire, courtesy of NASA, but you need not be a rocket science in order to understand that our government’s border security policy of benign neglect has real-world consequences. It has resulted in irreparable destruction to our natural environment, incalculable damage to the property of thousands of Arizonans, and threatened the lives and security of scores of Americans. It’s long past time that we reasserted control of American territory, regardless of the damage such an action might do to the sensitivities of Mexican consular officials or people who should never have stepped foot into this country in the first place.


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