Charitable At Your Expense

January 25, 2013

One of the worst aspects of our immigration system is that it provides perverse incentives to the worst people. From the Chinese-owned law firms that facilitate Chinese immigration through fraudulent asylum applications-a crime so pervasive that even nonpartisan academics acknowledge it to be ubiquitous in nature-to the industry-not my words-of birth tourism, to the scads of shysters empowered by President Obama’s implementation of DACA, there isn’t a single aspect of our immigration system which is not permeated by fraud and loathsome individuals willing to exploit it for personal advantage.

But perhaps the most egregious example of this phenomenon-completely legal-is the parasitical VOLAG, an ostensibly private agency which is in fact subsidized-unwillingly and often without the awareness of their benefactors-by American taxpayers. The purpose of the “voluntary agency” being to resettle refugees from failed states in the third world in tranquil American communities, with lamentable, yet predictable, results.

Although there are many refugees who do actively contribute to American culture in significant ways, such as the Baha’i exiles living in Chicago, the inescapable truth of the matter is that there are thousands more who are placed in environments for which they are wholly unprepared, and thus dependent solely upon the largesse of American citizens, who not only subsidize them but also the groups which serve as the middle-men of this process, i.e. VOLAGs, most of which are religious in nature.

That’s why the op-ed written by Don Barnett, published in The Tennessean this week, is required reading for anyone interested in solving the crisis faced by the many American cities and towns forced to absorb these refugees. For those of you who weren’t there to witness his fantastic speech to the Penn Club on the subject of refugee resettlement, the piece in The Tennessean is a good primer on just how VOLAGs enrich themselves at the expense of American citizens, even as individuals living in these destinations are burdened with financing the first world lifestyle of newly arrived refugees.

As described in Barnett’s op-ed, Catholic Charities is one of the worst of the offenders in this regard, although-as we’ve pointed out in the past-almost every large religious denomination in this country has contributed in some manner to making a disastrous immigration system even worse. The fact that the most vocal advocates for the forced disintegration of American communities are little better than criminals themselves rankles, especially when the ostensible justifications for these disruptive transfers include “social justice” and “compassion.”

Read the piece for yourselves to see what Americans are forced to pay in order to defray the costs of three decades of bad government policy.





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