Mr. Mayor

February 1, 2013

As most you probably know, Edward I. Koch is no longer with us. After a protracted battle with pneumonia, among other ailments, the three term mayor of this city finally succumbed to the limitations of age. As well as being a career politician and often contrarian Democrat, Ed Koch was-as the photo above indicates-a decorated veteran of the Second World War.

One of the unfortunate legacies bequeathed by Mayor Koch was an executive order that gave de facto immunity to illegal aliens under the auspices of public safety, one which has been reaffirmed repeatedly by his successors in spite of its conflict with federal law. Although he was not the only New York politician to support inarguably harmful, counterproductive-and often lethal-policies, this part of his mayoralty did establish the precedent for city agencies flouting federal immigration law. A precedent that will inevitably be expanded upon if the current Democratic front-runner occupies Gracie Mansion this time next year.

That said, Edward Koch was a rational man-unlike so much of the governing class-and when confronted with inexorable facts he accepted them, which is why he vehemently opposed the Democratic Party’s wholesale amnesty push, and as late as this past November condemned the cretinous half-wits at the editorial page of the New York Times for  their craven attacks against those who support American sovereignty and law. Even though he couldn’t close Pandora’s box, his words and actions after leaving office demonstrate the depth of his humanity, something all but invisible to the current collection of vultures which populate Albany, Manhattan, and the nation’s capital.

As someone who cared about his country-and countrymen-Edward Koch is worth remembering.




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