Dirty Work

March 20, 2012

It’s often said that even the most hearty carnivore would never want to watch sausage being made, so unappetizing is the process involved; this hoary cliche illustrates a fundamental truth. Namely, that even the most prized end products must undergo an unappealing transformation in order to attain their final, desired state. The legislative process is no different, although the result is almost always more revolting than any cured meat, especially when it involves adjustments to pre-existing federal immigration law.

Tomorrow evening you’ll have the opportunity to find out just why the politics of immigration-at least on Capitol Hill-is so consistently foul, and how it got that way, when I live-tweet a very special event from one of the few D.C. insiders who gets this issue right. I’ll have a full analysis of the event later this week, but if you want to follow it as it unfolds, you can do so by scrolling through my Twitter page. In order to ask me questions, or make observations about immigration and/or Congress, just reply to my Twitter handle, @OddLane. You can tune in beginning at, approximately, 6:30 PM.

I’m looking forward to the ¬†conversation.

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