Simulacrum of Reality

June 6, 2012

Something tells me the proprietors of this particular theme park wouldn’t invest in replicating the experience of undocumented migrants living in Mexico. If only because the expectation of rape, extortion, kidnapping, or possible long term incarceration does not serve as much of an enticement for potential tourists.



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One Response to Simulacrum of Reality

  1. joeastroturf on June 12, 2012 at 7:14 PM

    See where Sheriff Joe should really be. As the President and Russell Pierce as his VP. Check out what Joe would look like seated at the Oval desk. Stand up for Brian Terry who was killed on the border by Obama’s Fast and Furious guns.

    Song “Arizona we’re proud of you” .

    Arizona we’re proud of you
    for protecting the people under the red white and blue

    Calderone treats illegals worse than us and puts our country down
    any American that agrees with him would have to be a clown

    Arizona we’re proud of you

    You’ve come to your senses passed 1070
    Obama’s giving back Buenos Aires refuge to Mexico we see
    It’s a shame you passed that law a little late
    At lease your trying to not have another patriot have Robert Krentz’s fate

    Arizona like us whe they report on Israel the fringe will hide the facts.
    They’ll photoshop and leave out the other sides violent acts .
    We have no problem if people want to celebrate the 5th of May,
    But we’ll wear the red white and blue any fricking day.

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