Breitbart Is Here

March 5, 2012

Later tonight I’ll be joining some friends in Manhattan to celebrate the life and work of Andrew Breitbart.  However, there’s a way for those who can’t make it to this event-either because of distance or prior commitments-to commemorate his legacy while ensuring that his vision is exposed to future generations. To that end, BigFurHat, of I Own The World, has created the stunning gravatar seen below, which captures the simple but ineluctable truth that Andrew Breitbart’s mission is alive and well in the hearts and minds of millions of Americans who share his ideals.

You can purchase the t-shirt by going through the link provided above, or by heading directly to the IOTW’s page at Anthem Studios.  Not only will you be honoring the memory of the man who redefined citizen journalism for millions of Americans, you will also be helping out Andrew Breitbart’s wife and four children, who knew more than anyone in this world what kind of a man he was.

Hat tip:  Noel Sheppard of NewsBusters and Atlas Shrugs.


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