Remembering Jamiel

March 3, 2013


Almost everyone reading this is aware of the horrific tragedy which befell the Shaw family  on March 2, 2008. Jamiel Shaw Jr., a bright, young student-athlete with a promising future, was murdered by a criminal alien from Mexico named Pedro Espinoza. A tragedy compounded by the knowledge that his life could have been spared, if the feckless bureaucrats, law enforcement officials and politicians who had created a safe haven for creatures like Pedro Espinoza had invested their meager talents in protecting the safety and lives of American citizens.

Every year since the second anniversary of Jamiel’s death, his father has published an update on the progress made, as well as obstacles faced, in his family’s efforts to see that Jamiel’s Law is enacted. This reflection also serves as a tribute to the legacy of a beloved son whose gifts were denied to his family, friends and so many others because of the shortsightedness of craven, pandering politicians. Read it in its entirety, and send it to your councilman, congressmen, or any other elected official who is planning on sacrificing the lives and safety of their constituents in order to appease people who don’t  abide by the law, nor alleviate the tax burden imposed by their incarceration when they are eventually imprisoned.

Jamiel Shaw’s father will be speaking about this subject extensively on his Internet radio talk show, which you can listen to here tonight at 9 PM. I urge you all to tune in, especially in light of this weekend’s somber anniversary.

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2 Responses to Remembering Jamiel

  1. Jamiel Shaws Family on March 3, 2013 at 9:21 PM

    G. Perry, It’s unfortunate and truly heartbreaking to have leadership violating immigration laws on a daily basis. This is wrong in so many ways. Hopefully change is really coming. Thank you for continued support!

  2. G. Perry on March 4, 2013 at 11:33 PM

    Thank you for continuing this fight!

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