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October 2, 2016

Author: Derzsi Elekes Andor


Today sees an extremely important referendum take place in Hungary, one of several nations in the Central European bloc committed to maintaining its traditional European character. Earlier this year, Brenda Walker wrote a fantastic summary of what’s at stake in this vote, including in her piece a transcript of the speech Prime Minister Orban delivered in defense of fundamental Enlightenment values. The primary one being, of course, the freedom to speak the truth fearlessly.

For it’s not only the character and culture of the West which is under relentless assault, but the very idea that one can speak honestly about the reverse colonization of Europe. If nations like Hungary and Poland do not stand up to the global effort to subjugate them to the rule of multiculturalism, then their people will find themselves in the same position as the English and the Germans-who now must fear midnight raids at the hands of a 21st century Stasi for merely speaking out against their nations’ destruction.

Of all the values under attack, this is the single most important-the cornerstone of the West and what distinguishes us from the replacement population the ruling class views as the New Europe. It’s no surprise that the nations once enslaved within the Iron Curtain, whose freedom was so hard-won and of so recent a vintage, would esteem it most highly and fight most tenaciously to preserve it.

Listening to BBC coverage of this referendum this weekend was absolutely sickening for anyone with even a rudimentary understanding of contemporary European history. The doublespeak required to portray patriotic Hungarians-the children and grandchildren of those who stayed behind after the Soviet vivisection of their nation-as heartless, reactionary xenophobes is simply staggering. Even as they portrayed the country as a terrible monoculture deficient in vibrant diversity-scandalized by the lack of “Islam” as a religious option on the Hungarian census-the imam interviewed by a correspondent, as well as the anchor himself, admitted that there was plenty of diversity within Hungary.

Slovaks, Germans, Bulgarians, Gypsies, Armenians, and Slovenes all call that country home, as do Greek Catholics, Roman Catholics, Calvinists and Jews. The problem is that this is not the type of diversity the powers that be desire. To them, diversity is simply a synonym for the dilution (abolition) of European and Western culture, not a word which has any inherent meaning connected to its standard definition.

This is the sort of lie that must be combated and defeated if we harbor any hope of preserving Western civilization. Hungarians have lived for too long at the mercy of larger, more powerful foreign powers. The monstrosity that is the rapidly eroding EU is simply one more authoritarian superstate intent on stripping them of their freedom. For all his many faults, Viktor Orban deserves credit for standing up in defense of his countrymen and more broadly speaking, Europe itself.


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