Immigration’s Human Toll

June 4, 2011

In a story that expands upon the problems I highlighted a few days ago in my Governor Cuomo post, we now have learned that an illegal alien who had been previously deported twice is responsible for yet another needless death. As I’ve discussed extensively on this site in the past, the human cost of our government’s open border policies is incalculable, although there are several websites devoted to calculating just how disastrous those polices have been for American citizens.

Drunk driving and illegal aliens go together like a hand in a glove, so the fact that Johoan Rodriguez is responsible for Officer Kevin Will’s death should surprise no one. Neither should the leniency shown  by our nation’s jurists towards other illegal aliens who’ve absconded from the law.

After successfully pressuring Governor Cuomo into abandoning Secure Communities, the next item on the wish list of the open borders lobby is reviving the disastrous proposal by disgraced former governor Elliot Spitzer to distribute driver’s licenses to illegals. In order to express your opposition, I suggest you contact your legisator directly. Here’s a link to the New York State Senate’s official website, and a link to their counterparts in the New York State Assembly. One of the factors that forced Elliot Spitzer to abandon his support for the asinine policy of investing illegals with driver’s licenses was public pressure. Conversely, one of the reasons Andrew Cuomo has taken his indefensible position on Secure Communities is because only one side of the debate is being heard. We can’t allow the discussion of immigration and criminal alien issues to be dominated by our opponents. They already have a virtually inexhaustible funding mechanism and control of the mass media. The only weapon we have on our side is the overwhelmingly support of the public, and we need to utilize that weapon effectively. Otherwise, we’re going to have to endure reading once again about the deaths of brave police officers like Kevin Wills in the future.

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9 Responses to Immigration’s Human Toll

  1. Tatyana on June 4, 2011 at 11:29 AM

    Gerard, what is your opinion on views on immigration by Presidential Candidate Gary Johnson? I have been reading his site and various interviews with him.

  2. G. Perry on June 4, 2011 at 12:05 PM

    To me, his views are just as unacceptable as those of GWB. In fact, they’re actually worse since you could make a plausible argument that President Bush’s support for amnesty dovetailed with his philosophy of “compassionate conservatism,” however misguided. Johnson isn’t even ideologically consistent. He wants to get rid of social welfare programs, but not for the people who exploit them more than other single group-because doing so would force him to reject his open borders stance, which is anathema to the Reason/WSJ crowd.

    If he were a true libertarian-and Todd alluded to this during the last Manhattans Project-you could find common ground by adopting Pete Wilson’s policies. Namely, cut off welfare programs and public assistance for illegal aliens. It’s not inconsistent with libertarian principles, because you’re not actually demanding that they be deported. You’re simply saying that they should abide by the principles you espouse for Americans.

    • Tatyana on June 4, 2011 at 12:27 PM

      I didn’t find in his talks the intent of leaving welfare programs for illegals. What I found is a) establishing worker’s visas and consequent background check on applicants b) making employers accountable for hiring illegals w/o said worker’s visas (although he didn’t say specifically how he propose to achieve that) and c)giving worker-visa’ immigrants temporary #SS, so they will be liable for taxes; again – I didn’t hear his proposition how exactly he will enforce this.

      All of this make some sense – but he says nothing about 20 million people who are in the country illegally already

  3. G. Perry on June 4, 2011 at 12:51 PM

    Yes, that seems to be the problem. I haven’t heard him speak about concrete programs like guest worker programs or H1-B visas, to be honest. Most of the focus seems to be on criticizing anyone who tries to enforce immigration laws, a la Jan Brewer in Arizona. I think one of the problems is that most people in New Mexico don’t consider illegal immigration to be a problem because there aren’t that many illegal immigrants to begin with, and one of the reasons is because New Mexico is such a poor state, ironically.

  4. Dawnc on June 4, 2011 at 1:41 PM

    Illegal immigrants sneak across our borders like thieves to take, manipulate, and demand whatever they can. They ignore our laws and expect us to assimilate to their criminal acts against our Country and Citizens. They create huge debt both to our Country and individually as they kill, maim, and steal from us. They refuse to learn our language and show their hatred and disrespect towards us consistently. Anyone who supports their illegal existence in our Country is a traitor to their Oath of office as they refuse to uphold our laws and keep their promise to protect our Country and people from those illegally crossing our borders to take advantage of us.

  5. Ed on June 9, 2011 at 3:42 AM

    The Obamanation Bypasses Congress and Does a Major Deal With Mexicos President Calderon for the USA Invasion of Mexican Trucks

    Obama Reinstates the Mexican Trucks

    Treason !!!

    Barack Obama’s deal with the president of Mexico to allow Mexican trucks to carry their loads onto U.S. highways and roads is new evidence of his high-handed solo behavior that has become Standard Operating Procedure in the administration.

    Here are 10 reasons why Obama’s plan is dangerous and must be stopped by Congress and public protest.

    1. Obama’s deal with President Felipe Calderon, announced on March 3, 2011, bypasses Congress, defies the wishes of the American people, and looks like the action of a Third World dictator who thinks representative government is a nuisance and can be ignored.

    Congress made its wishes emphatically clear in 2007 when it voted to continue our ban on Mexican trucks. The House roll-call vote was 411 to 3, and the Senate’s was 75 to 23.

    2. Obama’s deal is a direct attack on the jobs available to U.S. truck drivers because it helps big-business interests cut their costs by hiring cheaper Mexican drivers.

    Obama’s deal is also an attack on small business (i.e., the owner-operated and independent truck drivers) who constitute the big majority of U.S. trucks.

    3. The claim that Obama’s deal is reciprocal (i.e., U.S. trucks will be allowed to drive into Mexico) is so cynical that we can hardly believe anyone says it with a straight face.

    “South of the border down Mexico way” (in the words of the old popular song) is the most dangerous war zone in the world (more dangerous than Afghanistan or Libya), where U.S. truck drivers would become the targets of hijackings, theft, murder, kidnappings and even beheadings committed by the drug cartels.

    4. Built into the Obama deal is the sneaky imposition of costs on both U.S. truck drivers and U.S. taxpayers. Each truck will be required to install an EOBR (electronic on-board recorder) costing S-3,000 plus maintenance fees:

    U.S. drivers at their own expense and Mexican trucks as a gift from U.S. taxpayers paid out of the Highway Trust Fund. U.S. taxpayers are already paying S-1,600 each for many Mexican trucks to replace their old mufflers with catalytic converters.

    5. Obama’s deal will make it easy for Mexican trucks to bring in loads of illegal aliens and illegal drugs. Border inspection will be a farce, maybe only one in 10 trucks inspected, perhaps merely one in 20.

    6. When Mexican truck drivers have their layovers and turn-arounds in the U.S., what’s to prevent them from enjoying a frolic and diversion?

    They could use that time to father a baby who would then be proclaimed a U.S. citizen and get generous financial benefits and handouts provided by U.S. taxpayers.

    7. We can assume that Mexican truck drivers will not be required to speak and read English, as U.S. law requires. The previous secretary of transportation, Mary Peters, stated at a Senate hearing that if drivers respond to test questions in Spanish, the test-taker nevertheless checks the box that they are “English proficient.”

    8. While U.S. truck drivers are strictly limited to the number of hours per day they can be on the road, there is no way to figure out how many hours a Mexican truck driver has been on the road when he clocks in at the border. Has he been driving the typical Mexican 20-hour day?

    9. Mexican trucks will make highway safety for Americans a major problem. We have no way to know a Mexican driver’s record of accidents, alcohol or drugs, or a Mexican truck’s record of brakes or emissions. Mexico doesn’t bother with records or regulations.

    10. Opening our southern border to Mexican trucks will be a giant step toward the

    goal of creating a North American Union with open borders between Mexico, the U.S. and Canada.

    A proposal launched by President George W. Bush using a website called Security and Prosperity Partnership (since deactivated).

    Obama is advancing the plan under less threatening names — the March 23, 2010, State Department fact sheet titled “United States-Mexico Partnership: A New Border Vision,”

    a Nov. 30, 2010, “Trusted Traveler” agreement with Mexico signed by Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano,

    and a Feb. 4, 2011, declaration signed by Obama with Canada called “Beyond the Border: A Shared Vision for Perimeter Security.”

    Don’t let anybody get by with saying that NAFTA requires us to admit Mexican trucks because it’s a treaty.

    It isn’t — NAFTA never complied with the treaty provision in the U.S. Constitution and is merely a law passed by Congress that can be changed or overturned.

    Tell your member of Congress to take action to cancel Obama’s truck deal with the Mexican president. Solo deals like this one cannot be tolerated under constitutional government.

    North American Union Scam

    Stop the North American Union – Info on Illegal Aliens

    • Ed on June 9, 2011 at 3:44 AM

  6. Ed on June 9, 2011 at 3:47 AM

    Here’s where we need to cut our budget SSS,

    California groups propose cutting entitlement programs that foreign-national-illegal-aliens and their fraudulent anchor babies are being allowed to tap into,

    that are costing California,

    15 billion SSS per year !!!

    And that’s for just 1 State out of 50,

    Entitlements that foreign-national-illegal-aliens and their fraudulent anchor babies are being allowed to tap into,

    are costing the USA around,

    300 billion SSS per year !!!

    How about we all start to speak up loud and clear and put an end to this self-inflicted,

    moronicly-stupid, anti-American, US-bankrupting-destroying policy !!!

    Massive, US-bankrupting-destroying costs SSS of;

    The Epidemic:



    massively-increased need-for-law-enforcement actions, courts, legal-aid-lawyers, prisons !!!

    Epidemic levels,

    massive amount of;



    Anchor-babies-at-age-21 and amnestied-illegal-aliens, are deliberately-actively-involved-persuing,

    recurring-revolving-door-sponsorship-chain-migration, to pass on US citizenship, to more foreigners-relatives, from their home countries. etc.

    Social-Services-SSS-entitlements-SSS-payments-SSS-payouts-SSS !!!

    Epidemic of;

    illegal-aliens; document-forgery-fraud, gang-members-drug-dealing-drunk-driving-assaults-car-jackings-shootings-abductions-rapes-murders

    Regular occurence of illegal-aliens attacking or drunk-driving-hit-run against US citizens and alot of our police officers in every state !!!

    No more illegal aliens fraudulent anchor babies,

    The very author of the 14th amendments citizenship clause,

    Sen. Jacob Howard of Michigan,

    expressly said during the official recorded debates in the US Congress,

    regarding the acceptance of his citizenship clause to be in the completed 14th amendment:

    “This will not,

    of course,

    include persons born in the United States

    who are



    who belong to the families of ambassadors

    or foreign ministers.”

    US Constitution: Article IV, Section 4:

    “The United States shall guarantee to every State in this Union a Republican Form of Government, and shall protect each of them against invasion…”

  7. Chief_Cabioch on June 11, 2011 at 4:31 PM

    If the illegal migration of Mexicans isnt stopped, the Real Citizens of the US will take these matters in their own hands, and Civil war will be the result, these congress and senate officals must be warned this WILL be stopped, ONE way or another, Americans arent going to sit by and watch this much longer, they arent going to listen to the lies upon lies of the left insisting our borders are secure, yes, America has many issues to address, and only because the left is attacking us on every conciveable front, we MUST stand, be counted and DEMAND the borders be SEALED, that those wishing to devalue being a Citizen of the US will NO Longer be tolerated and we Will NOT allow those who Died fighting for America, to be in Vain, because of Politicians afraid to do the RIGHT thing.

    the Left has been issuing all kinds of documents, (drivers license) (passport),(voter registrations) (ID cards), (Birth Certificates), (Certificates of Live Birth) to make proving who these people are as difficult as possible, we MUST stop this NOW.


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