June 2, 2011

In news that should come as no surprise to people who are acquainted with our current governor’s history of making decisions that result in disastrous consequences for the American public, Andrew Cuomo has decided to withdraw from Secure Communities.

And contrary to his specious reasoning, this decision has nothing to do with “protecting” anyone other than the criminal aliens specifically targeted by the federal government through this innovative program. 

To minimize the crimes committed by these aliens by referring to them as “petty” is simply another example of the the degree to which de facto-if not de jure-amnesty has been accepted by public officials who are pandering for support-in this case, from those who they believe will be given citizenship in a second Obama term, or the broader Hispanic community they believe supports people who break the law while residing in this country illegally. And while I would like to believe ICE’s assurances that individual states will eventually be compelled to adopt Secure Communities, that is no consolation to the 30 counties in this state that will now be forced to abandon a relationship with federal authorities that results in the deportation of unwanted aliens who pose a threat to our security.

And the idea that opposition to immigration enforcement among states controlled by the anti-American lobby will abate, especially after the decisions made by California and Illinois, is foolhardy. These are the states with hundreds of thousands, or in the case of California millions, of illegal aliens residing within their boundaries, which is why the demand for ending programs like Secure Communities and 287(g) is so great to begin with, at least among special interests that stand to benefit from non-enforcement. The only way this situation is going to change is by refusing to elect the political hacks that currently populate governor’s mansions and statehouses throughout the country, a task made all the more difficult by our government’s  laissez- faire attitude towards breaking the law.

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