Muzzling Dissent (Covering Immigration to the UK)

January 25, 2014

UKIP Leader Nigel Farage. 19 May 2008 Author: Euro Realist Newsletter

The incalculable damage that mass immigration from the third world has inflicted upon the United Kingdom is a subject that we’ve explored at length on American Rattlesnake. Although the ritualistic murder and dismemberment of Drummer Lee Rigby is the most notorious recent illustration of how this phenomenon has adversely impacted native Britons, there are many, many more such tragic examples that bear scrutiny. 

The most tragic loss experienced by those living there, of course, is the forfeiture of the right to discuss this issue in an honest and frank manner. One need only point to those critics of Islam and Islamic immigration who have been mercilessly persecuted by the state to understand the baleful effects of unrestricted immigration from the developing world. Thankfully, there are some in Britain willing to resist the encroaching tyranny that the multiculturalists have attempted to exercise over a once great nation.  

One of those individuals is Nigel Farage, leader of the UK Independence Party, a patriotic project that has been subjected to malicious attacks from every sector of the British establishment, from the institutional left within the commentariat, to the bastardized Conservative Party led by David Cameron, to the activist left which has allowed the kultursmog to overwhelm the indelible truths that once allowed Great Britain to prosper. Of course, dissenting from the prevalent groupthink on these matters has exposed Mr. Farage and his colleagues in UKIP to an unremitting barrage of hostility and slanderous accusations. This ranges from the attempt by Sky News-an entity controlled by open borders enthusiast Rupert Murdoch-to yoke him to the much-vilified English MP Enoch Powell, to the repeated efforts by the BBC to portray UKIP as a wholly alien entity, as opposed to lovely home-grown blokes like Anjem Choudary I suppose. 

The attacks by the Beeb should not surprise anyone who is remotely familiar with the approach it normally takes to the subject of immigration. Namely, the less debate-hopefully none at all-the better. Even Nick Robinson, the BBC’s political editor, has now conceded that the network deliberately censored any views which contradicted the ubiquitous enthusiasm for and endorsement of the open door policy initiated by New Labor during the last decade of the 20th century. So don’t expect its distortions of Mr. Farage’s record and stances to abate, or its attempts to defame people who ask legitimate questions about the radical transformation of Great Britain to cease. 

The truth is not embraced any more enthusiastically today than it was in the days of Socrates.

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