Trump vs. Clinton (Additional Thoughts)

September 27, 2016


You can read my live-tweet of last night’s festivities here. Coming home, I inadvertently came upon a conversation among attendees of the Hofstra debate which briefly boosted my faith in the electorate. The multicultural crowd of Hillary supporters discussed a number of topics and made several points Trump backers would probably agree with, including the observation that the debate’s moderator had designed large chunks of questions with the express purpose of humiliating the GOP nominee.

Questions that, admittedly, Donald Trump handled poorly. They also discussed the pronounced enthusiasm gap between the two campaigns which their candidate is doing very little to address at the moment. I think many people have a distorted perception of not only the world around them but also of their fellow citizens because they rely upon the alternate reality crafted by our news media-which does exist and is as feculent as any landfill-when the truth is that there is a lot more intellectual honesty and integrity than our decadent fourth estate would lead you to believe.

Perhaps that’s the takeaway from the first Clinton-Trump duel.

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