Federal Bureau Of Incompetence

September 20, 2016

: Standing on Pennsylvania Avenue NW and look up F Street NW at the J. Edgar Hoover Building, the headquarters of the Federal Bureau of Investigation in Washington, D.C., in the United States. Author: Aude Taken from Wikipedia.

The idea that the latest all-American jihadi acted alone defies credulity, so it’s no surprise that authorities are already investigating the possibility he was part of a terror cell. The bizarre, impromptu press conference held by the perpetrator’s father merely adds to suspicions that Ahmad Khan’s jihadist intentions were known before this weekend’s terror jaunt across the Tri-State Area. Some of the best coverage has, unsurprisingly, come from overseas.

This article in the Daily Mail explores some aspects of this story which are being curiously underplayed, including the fact that the terrorist in custody tried to bring his Pakistani wife to the United States-something he has in common with David Headley, the architect of the Mumbai massacre and thwarted Jyllands Posten assassination plot. This case is also reminiscent of the Omar Mateen fiasco in the sense that the FBI had previously investigated Ahmad Khan for possible links to terrorism, but apparently those concerns were allayed when his father said, “my bad, my son’s not really a murderous jihadi,” to paraphrase.

The fact that Khan visited Pakistan several times without attracting the notice of federal authorities only serves to highlight the gross ineptitude of our government. Yet instead of reevaluating our country’s masochistic immigration policies-and hat’s off to this Saudi newspaper for crafting a more accurate headline than anything coming from the American press-we have public officials and pundits calling for the curtailment of rights belonging to actual Americans. For the record, in addition to mistakenly granting citizenship to 800 aliens with deportation orders, our government has also taken in over 2,000 Afghan refugees this year.

How exactly is funneling more money to a federal agency whose inability to investigate domestic Islamic terrorism is legendary, and whose failures are manifold, going to ensure Americans safety? Keep in mind, this is the same FBI which caused former Marine Brandon Raub to be thrown into a mental institution because of controversial rap lyrics he posted online, even as it gave Omar Mateen a clean bill of health and said the architect of the San Bernardino massacre was not on its radar.

Although the FBI diligently targets those who threaten to tarnish the shield, forcing out talented agents who could preventĀ atrocities like 9/11, it rewards this country’s sworn enemies. The answer to our terrorism is not to empower unaccountable bureaucracies which don’t even recognize what America is-and have no interest in ensuring our safety, much less preserving the American way of life. Contrary to the neoconservative scribes at National Review, Islam does not have a problem. We have an Islam problem, and it’s time that we start addressing it.

If you find yourself in a hole, stop digging.



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