In Cold Blood (The Media Are Scum)

December 17, 2016


If there’s anything more infuriating than our government’s willful negligence towards its citizens, it’s our news media’s insistence  upon obscuring the truth in pursuit of its virulent ideology. Why do I need to go to the website of a Trinidadian newspaper in order to discover the identity of a murderer living in my own city?! Under the protection, it should be noted, of  a man who insists upon destroying information that could lead to the apprehension of criminal aliens, including potential murderers and rapists! All because these criminals happen to belong to that protected Democratic class known as illegal immigrants.

Bill De Blasio is scum, Andrew Cuomo is scum, and there are not words to describe the creature who committed this crime-which would be punishable by death if we lived in a just society. However, there is no scum more noxious, more dangerous to our civilization, than the ghouls who didn’t see fit to identify why Alastasia Bryan was murdered in the first paragraph, if not the headline, of the story reporting her killing. Just remember, whenever you pick up a paper, watch a cable news program, or click upon a link from a website owned by media conglomerate, you are being lied to!

And the victims of these lies are soon forgotten by the general public. The Dominic Durdens, the Sarah Roots, the Adrienne Shellys, the Bologna family, Jamiel Shaw Jr., and Alastasia Bryan. You might all remember their names, but how many people remember why they’re no longer with us? As we head into the new year, we must recognize who the true enemy is. It’s not Donald Trump, nor Vladimir Putin, Pat McCrory, or whatever chimerical figure of hate the vultures who control the flow of information are trying to con the public into fixating our energies upon. Our enemies are those who are crafting these narratives in order to distract us from solving our nation’s most dire problems. The mainstream media should never be trusted. They are scum. As long as we don’t recognize that-and adapt to fight them-we will have more victims of monsters like Keon Richmond to mourn.

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One Response to In Cold Blood (The Media Are Scum)

  1. Drew Binkley on December 17, 2016 at 11:47 AM

    I couldn’t have written any better or said it more explicitly thank you for your voice.

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