The World According To Hillary

August 28, 2016


One of the more fascinating aspects of California’s transformation into the politically uniform, post-caucasian, multicultural utopia so many open borders Democrats-and their unwitting Republican allies-have worked so hard to achieve is the response of the ruling class. Most impartial observers might ask whether the hundreds of billions of dollars in unfunded liabilities and public debt assumed by that state have some connection to the flight of the middle class and its wholesale replacement by the underclass exported by Mexico’s political and economic elite. However, elected officials have never been plagued by intellectual curiosity, particularly those whose careers are built upon ignoring or denying self-evident truths.

So instead of considering the possibility that the rampant corruption found throughout municipalities like Bell might be a foreign import, that some of the monumental problems facing California might have been exacerbated by its laissez faire immigration policies, the wise men of that state have decided to strike out in search of demons. Whether it’s crafting a law to protect the rights of less than 0.1 percent of the population-which are not imperiled-or contemplating bills which seek to suppress the speech of individuals who disagree with noted climatologist Al Gore, the sages in Sacramento have decided the best use of their resources is combating the vast, chimerical right wing conspiracy.

Based upon the substance of her widely mocked alt-right speech, Hillary Clinton has come to the conclusion that this strategy is the key to her political success. Like the genocidal despot whom she’s modeled her campaign aesthetics and fashion choices after, Hillary will spend the remainder of her campaign-and presidency, should she be elected-persecuting people who exercise no concrete political power in the country she seeks to lead. The fact that her party, her collectivist, politically correct President, has achieved every single professed domestic policy goal-including those which are proscribed by the Constitution-and yet three-quarters of Americans are dissatisfied with the direction of this country, must have some rational explanation. The unparalleled stagnancy of the nation’s economy, the erasure of the middle class due to the implementation of Barack Obama’s signature issue, and the explosion of domestic, Islamic terror attacks under his administration couldn’t possibly be the result of deliberate actions taken by the Democratic Party’s standard bearer and his underlings-including Mrs. Clinton. Therefore, another culprit must be found.

The best scapegoat, naturally, is one that’s unable to derail her political ambitions but which serves as the perfect foil in her quest for attaining power. In this case, a random assortment of Internet villains whose mere existence validates the paranoid fantasies of the social justice brigades and Hillary’s more deranged feminist supporters. So rather than focus upon the enormous money laundering operation known as the Clinton Foundation-which might very well continue into the Clinton presidency-or her mass deletion of potentially incriminating evidence, outlets like the ever-objective New York Times and Washington Post can spend the next few months dissecting tweets from obscure MRA bloggers and followers of Mencius Moldbug.

This, in addition to disclosures which have been strategically obstructed throughout the campaign, is what we have to look forward to over the next four years. An unrelenting, lavishly funded witch-hunt against witches that do not exist and who are not responsible for the monumental problems we are facing as a country. For an overview of how we arrived at this point, I would recommend this Mark Steyn piece from 2005 published right before the Trump ascendancy. It clearly delineates why the power brokers within the GOP were so unprepared to deal with Donald Trump and the challenge his supporters presented to the entrenched Republican apparatus. It also describes why the glorious future of multiculturalist uniformity will not be so glorious in reality. Elites look out for their interests, to the detriment of the public, and this election is a concrete illustration of that principle.

The peasants are angry, and for very good reason. Perhaps Mrs. Clinton’s stenographers in the press corps should start paying attention.



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