Speak No Evil

August 12, 2016

For those of you who had been laboring under the impression that the only Western leaders committed to stamping out problematic free expression reside in Europe-exemplified by Frau Merkel’s Stasi-directed campaign against anti-Islamic thoughtcrime-I have some troubling news. Australia, a country once known for its insouciant attitude towards political correctness and multiculturalism, has become the latest nation to embrace dhimmitude.

I don’t know what part of this video-as an aside, do visit Computing Forever’s Youtube channel, you’ll find many more distressing, fascinating stories there-is most disturbing. Is it the fact that in the 21st century Western nations are imposing what are essentially blasphemy laws? That these laws are being done at the behest of a violent, intolerant minority which has no historical connection to the countries they are now leading by the nose? Or is it simply the Orwellian euphemism, anti-discrimination, which is being used to rip the guts out of our ┬ácivilization?

I’ll let our readers decide, but until then, it’s worth pondering what attacks on our political and civil rights our rancid political class has in the hopper.

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