King of America

May 21, 2016

Our old friend Michael Malice explores the absurdity of this election cycle, as well as investing your hopes in electoral politics, with contrarian historian Tom Woods. The anti-democracy essay referenced during this discussion is worth reading for those of you interested in understanding the mindset of over half the American public. Personally, whenever I hear someone wax poetic over a particular candidate or political party I flash on The Right Man, a falsely sentimental song from the off-Broadway satire of American democracy How To Steal An Election.

Is there really a right man, or woman? Is the problem simply too many ignorant voters? Sorry, David, but I don’t think it is. Democracy has a much more fundamental flaw which virtually none of the pearl-clutching political analysts will acknowledge-except, of course, Michael Malice and Tom Woods. And for that, we thank them.


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