The Laboratory Of Bad Ideas

February 26, 2016

City Council Member Melissa Mark-Viverito speaks to a camera crew at Zuccotti Park, OWS epicenter, in New York on Monday, March 18, 2012. Community leaders and other officials protested the police brutality occupiers faced the week earlier. (NYCity News Service/Dennis O'Reilly)

H.L. Mencken once wrote that “every election is an advance auction of stolen goods.” Perhaps no polity better illustrates this maxim than New York, where the wealth of taxpaying citizens is routinely plundered¬† in order to sate the avarice of large, concentrated blocs of voters, i.e. looters. We’ve become inured to this political cycle, but even New Yorkers are occasionally astonished by the depths to which our public officials will sink in order to retain power. A case in point is the decision by certain members of the New York City Council to put forward a bill which would invest illegal aliens, i.e. foreign nationals who have broken numerous federal laws, with the right to determine the outcome of future municipal elections.

Coupled with the Obama administration’s attempt to prevent states from blocking non-citizen voting, you have to wonder what country we’re living in. In order to understand what a truly awful concept the idea of foreigners shaping American elections is, I would recommend reading Hans Von Spakovsky’s fantastic essay in The Daily Signal, which demonstrates that despite its technical legality, this bill constitutes a deep affront to the fundamental values of our republic. Of course, that’s probably a major selling point for the current occupant of Gracie Mansion.

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