Immigration and Anti-Semitism in Europe

February 3, 2015

Even as people from around the globe have commemorated the Shoah, marking the 70th anniversary of the liberation of Europe’s Jews from the clutches of Nazi subjugation, there were those who decided to revel in their personal hatred of this world’s universal scapegoat. Pat Condell continues to expose the stunning hypocrisy of European leaders who beat their chests and proclaim never again even as they flood their own countries, ostensibly, with millions of immigrants whose opinion of the single worst atrocity in European history range from dismissal of the suffering of European Jewry, to denial that six million jews were systematically murdered, to regret that Adolf Hitler and Nazi Germany didn’t finish the job.

As he makes clear in the video above, you can’t purport to love Jews while at the same time importing their tormentors.

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