The Trojan Horse

December 5, 2013

The manifold problems presented by refugee resettlement within the United States have been explored on this website at some length in the past. In addition to the status being accorded to con artists and petty criminals, there is an even more dangerous element posed by the slipshod process by which these individuals are admitted to America. Namely, the threat of Islamic terror transposed from abroad.

The murder of  Army Spc. Gennaro Pellegrini Jr. by Al Qaeda-aligned terrorists  was one of many tragic deaths which occurred in Iraq while American troops were stationed in that country. However, what transformed this loss into an outrageous example of government incompetence was the decision to grant residency to the men responsible for his death. 

Debbie Schussel has the entire story, which I encourage you all to read. It’s an illustration of the profoundly misguided nature of recent attempts at immigration reform, and why entrusting this administration with enacting any widespread legalization program is the height of folly.


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