The Economics Of Immigration

December 3, 2013

One of the depressingly familiar truths about immigration debates in this country-as well as most other liberal democracies in the West-is the inability to gain any useful information from  what should ostensibly be a valuable resource, i.e. the mainstream news media. Instead of critically examining the salient facts about the massive sociological experiment we embarked upon five decades ago, we’re treated to an intellectually sterile monologue which is worse than useless; it is actually misleading and destructive

That is why we should rejoice whenever someone who actually has a thorough, well-grounded understanding of this subject contributes to the public discourse. Such is the case with Harvard professor George Borjas, the nation’s foremost economist when it comes to examining the economic and fiscal impact of large scale migration to the United States. Even though Immigration Economics won’t be published until next summer, it’s worth considering the potentially crippling economic consequences of the legislative amnesty the open borders caucus is currently trying to force through Congress. 

 We are already experiencing the fallout from another hastily enacted, gargantuan bill which was rushed into law by a partisan majority-heedless of the consequences-let’s not rush headlong into yet another economically ruinous piece of legislation simply because it carries the endorsement of the chattering classes. 


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