Amnesty Optics

November 7, 2013

Luis Gutierrez, member of the United States House of Representatives. Source: U.S. Congress

It turns out that even the parasitic, anti-American class on Capitol Hill has its limits when it comes to dealing with militantly open borders ethnic chauvinists. Fox News Latino has an intriguing story exploring the decision by faux Mexican Luis Gutierrez to sever ties with a virulently racist strain of the treason lobby, which has been participating in civil disobedience in order to highlight the plight of  foreign-born criminals

Even the obnoxious demands issued by ungrateful non-Americans who have exploited this nation’s generosity can apparently be too much when they impede the drive to foist yet another mass amnesty upon the American public. Kudos to NIYA for being honest and forthright in its contempt for this nation and its citizens, unlike its former ally, Mr. Gutierrez. 


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