The Race Card Is Dealt

May 11, 2013

Author: The People's Cube

When in doubt, shout ‘RACIST!’ The open borders lynch mob continues its uniformed, malicious smear of Jason Richwine, occasionally taking time to engage in subsidiary slanders against other scholars, such as Charles Murray, even after its campaign of defamation succeeded in forcing his resignation from the Heritage foundation. You can now read his  PhD thesis, instead of  relying upon the testimony of envenomed, doltish public relations hacks and ethnic spokespeople who long for the Bush Restoration. For those who can’t spare the time, I urge you to read Michelle Malkin’s spirited defense of someone who’s learned the danger of acting out the leftist nostrum and speaking truth to power.

Rush’s take is also worth reading, notwithstanding the unjustified-in my estimation-criticism leveled against him from some quarters. Finally, J. Christian Adams takes Potemkin conservatives to task for their eagerness to engage in racialized vilification-long thought to be the sole province of the left-in the cause of political opportunism. Put simply, our enemies are afraid. Their coalition is dissipating, both in Silicon Valley and among those who owe their election to the successful exploitation of race. Don’t let diversionary tactics about hate facts distract us from our chief goal, i.e. killing the bill!





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