Rebutting The Critics

May 7, 2013

The critics are wrong. However, there are valuable lessons to be drawn from this experience.

Lesson 1.

Never trust Jennifer Rubin, who has a tenuous grasp of reality, as we’ve pointed out in the past.

Lesson 2.

Be skeptical of extravagant claims, especially if they come from open borders advocates and aren’t buttressed by empirical evidence.

Lesson 3.

The third and final lesson?

Don’t go to shills for information about one of the most critical issues of our time. Whatever legitimate critiques can be made of the Heritage Foundation, their research and analysis of immigration and welfare issues-particularly that conducted by Robert Rector-is peerless. It was responsible, in large measure, for obliterating the intellectual argument behind the last major attempt at a federal legislative amnesty. In summary, the “conservatives” who are attacking Heritage are wrong, and it will end up costing us dearly.

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