Muzzling Dissent

April 3, 2013


A habitual tendency of the open borders left, the left in general, is to suppress-or attempt to, at the very least-opinions and ideas which contradict its dogma. Not content with an Orwellian manipulation of the language in order to achieve its ideological goals, it seeks to stamp out any effort at engendering legitimate debate about one of this country’s most pressing issues. The response by assorted DREAMers, illegal alien advocates and assorted socialist malcontents to the counter-demonstration staged by NY ICE last week is a perfect illustration of this inability to accept or assimilate rational dissent.¬†

For more spectacular footage of this confrontation-as well as some great photographs-I suggest you read the photo-essay written by our good friends at The Silent Majority No More, who were there to document the intolerance of the bleeding hearts. It’s something to consider in the weeks ahead, as the ¬†agents of the treason lobby move forward on enacting a disastrous, as yet unspecified law over the objections of millions of Americans with almost no public debate.






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