Big Hate

October 6, 2012

The  Southern Poverty Law Center, as most of you already know, is one of the most heavily-cited media resources and noxious influences upon the body politic, especially as it pertains to  public debates over subjects such as immigration and the relationship between individual and state. When not inventing chimerical neo-Nazis and Klansman, defaming pro-Constitution critics of Islamic extremism,  waxing hysteric over patriotic sustainable immigration organizations and/or critics of feminism, engaging in blatant hypocrisy, or merely beclowning itself, it is busy making a mockery of its tax-exempt status as an ostensibly nonpartisan 501(c)(3) organization. Like many other left wing institutions, it uses its reservoir of dollars to bankroll political assaults against its ideological adversaries.

The Capital Research Center, an invaluable resource in exposing left wing philanthropy-which abounds in American society-has a fantastic analysis of the SPLC’s various grifting schemes and attempts to project a public image at complete variance with what it is, i.e. a well-funded organ of doctrinaire leftist thinking and crypto-socialist lies, which functions mostly as a cash trough for its founders and executive officers. It should be noted that despite its rhetoric advocating open borders and multiculturalism, the SPLC Board of Directors is conspicuously monochrome.

The irony of the SPLC is that it would probably fail its own litmus test for hate groups. A fact that I’m sure Morris Dees doesn’t dwell upon when luxuriating in his poverty palace.








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One Response to Big Hate

  1. Richard Keefe on October 7, 2012 at 7:36 AM

    Thank you for citing my Watching the Watchdogs post that exposes the hypocritical fact that none of the Southern Poverty Law Center’s top executives is a minority. The SPLC has been run by white millionaires since the day it opened in 1971.

    Even the SPLC’s laughably named “Teaching Tolerance” program, which purports to promote diversity in the K-12 classroom has been led by “whites only” for 20 of its 21 years.

    If I may, the post you cited is a couple of years old, though the faces are nearly identical in the 2012 iteration, And in an attempt to take our message into the realm of Information 2.0, we’ve put together a short video that shows how ludicrously easy it was to uncover this glaring hypocrisy (the data comes directly from the SPLC’s own web site)

    It’s the simple information the Media should provide, but won’t.

    The SPLC makes tens of millions of dollars a year by selling the specter of “hate groups.” There’s no legal definition for the term, which is why even the FBI does not, cannot, designate “hate groups,” but somehow a private fundraising company can?

    And while many people are repulsed by the messages promoted by some of these groups, the bottom line is that all of them are within their civil rights to hold those views. In short, until they actually do something illegal, the groups are doing absolutely nothing illegal, whether we agree with them or not.

    Once you allow vigilantes like the SPLC to decide who has “wrong thoughts” it’s only a matter of time before any group is fair game. The SPLC has already launched a campaign informing the Department of Home land Security that a great way to spot “domestic extremists” is to look for third-party political bumper stickers on their cars (and “Don’t Tread on Me” flags in their yards, for that matter.)

    The Internet may have prove to be a boon to the SPLC’s multimillion dollar fundraising machine in the short run, but thanks to efforts like yours and ours, it will ultimately spell the financial doom of the SPLC and the rest of the Hate Industry.

    Even the best propaganda cannot stand up to the facts. Thanks again.

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