Long Island Loses

August 1, 2012

It turns out that Arizonans aren’t the only ones concerned about the avalanche of illegal aliens and low-wage, unskilled immigration to the United States. In fact, residents of East Hampton have gradually but inexorably begun to resist the tide of day laborers and foreign workers living in their midst. As I’ve spotlighted recently on this site, there is a very talented documentary film-maker who has chronicled the growing tensions between Long Island communities and the “undocumented” who live within them.

The New York Times alludes to this director, Dennis Michael Lynch, in an article exploring the political dynamics that have led to a socio-economic and ideological battle between those that want to keep a permanent underclass and those who prefer to preserve the stability and prosperity of an established Long Island hamlet. Of course, the default position of the former is that politically engaged New Yorkers who wish to maintain their town’s civic identity and shore up its rapidly dwindling property values are this generation’s answer to the NSDAP. From the New York Times article,

Ms Quigley added that it may be easy to blame minority groups like Latinos for the problems in Springs and East Hampton. ‘Doesn’t that sound a little familiar?’ she asked,’ Like blaming the Jews for troubles in Germany.’

Ms. Quigley’s demogogic, hysterical ad hominem shouldn’t surprise anyone who’s followed the debate-if it can even be described as such-surrounding the implementation of SB 1070 over the past two years. Godwin’s Law notwithstanding, the instinctive emotional spasm of vitriol with which open borders fetishists greet any opposition to unfettered immigration is well documented. It serves both as an illustration of how intellectually bankrupt the opponents of immigration enforcement and sensible restrictions remain, as well as a revelation of how crucial the perpetuation of the failed status quo is to their political identity.

Fortunately, the followers of American Rattlesnake know better. Which is why I urge you all, once again, to watch They Come To America, a groundbreaking documentary which poses the pointed questions that have been consistently ignored by mainstream propaganda organs such as the New York Times. It’s a film that exposes the long-lasting impact of a defective immigration policy which prioritizes the “rights” of illegal aliens over the lives, safety, and economic well being of American citizens.


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