Happy Flag Day, America

June 14, 2012

Apparently, not everyone embraces this patriotic occasion with as much fervor as the followers of this website. It should come as no surprise that the Washington Post, a publication almost without parallel in ignoring dissenting views regarding immigration, would seek to elevate Mexican chauvinism at the expense of the United States. Aside from the contemporary, post-Kennedy Democratic Party, there isn’t a single faction more committed to erasing our distinctiveness as nation than mainstream press organs. 

For the Democrats, the advantage of importing millions of foreign nationals with no particular allegiance to the precepts of American governance is obvious. The overwhelming bias of journalists, on the other hand, can be attributed to a multiplicity of factors, one of them being pure ignorance. Yet the decision by WaPo to  blatantly insult whatever patriotic citizens remain among its readership points to a much broader problem at work.

As Michael Lind has explained in the past, many journalists support unfettered immigration because it benefits them directly. It would be foolish for a reporter to question public policy which enhances his or her station-even if there exists a corresponding diminution in the quality of life of other Americans as a result of that policy-especially when their superiors exert pressure upon them to toe the party line.

Therefore, the choice to pay homage to Mexico on the day reserved for the commemoration of the adoption of our national flag, although offensive, should come as no surprise to savvy media-watchers. The decision by the editors at the Washington Post is simply a reflection of their ideological gestalt. To them, the fact that this day is intended to honor the flag of our country is irrelevant. If anything, it serves merely as an impetus to trumpet the coming of a new America that better embodies their ideological prejudices.

Let’s hope that one day their ultimate wish is fulfilled, and they don’t have to report to any déclassé Americans.

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