They Come To America

July 18, 2012

Once again, I’d like to remind you all of a groundbreaking film about the consequences of government endorsement of illegal immigration. I’m referring, of course, to the documentary They Come To America. Joanna Marzullo, the founder and head of New Yorkers for Immigration Control and Enforcement, has a brief summary of the film, and an explanation of why every patriotic citizen must see it!

Hi NY ICers,

I learned about this movie and filmmaker, Long Island’s Daniel Michael Lynch, through Ruthie of The Ruthie Report.

The movie is called They Come to America.  To purchase it, please visit: They Come To America . Daniel will send you 2 extra DVDs with each purchase.

Daniel often states that he wasn’t “political” (at least he wasn’t before the movie!) and he really tries to show both sides of our issue, which, I have to say, is more than the mainstream media has done.

The movie is a documentary from just a regular American who wants to delve more deeply into this issue, and, because he is sincere about that effort, he ends up in some dangerous situations.  Because, as I have often said, far from being “undocumented and unafraid”, they are illegal and violent.  And in his movie there are some illegals being “nice”.  Niceness is a tactic, and they are often instructed to be nice to Americans, at least at first, because they think that Americans can be duped by niceness into giving them what they want.

Mauricio is an illegal alien character in Daniel’s film that Daniel is sympathetic to, but what Mauricio really wants, as evidenced by his “birthday wish”, is his “papers”.  He also confessed to doing nothing but watching when coyotes (smugglers) raped women in front of him.  (Allegedly, out of fear).  This is not an honorable boy.

I have heard this stated by multiple illegal aliens before:  “All you need to do to get want you want from Americans is be nice to them”.

It’s tactical niceness, and, if that doesn’t work, you see what happens, like what happened to NY ICE on May 1, 2012 and what happened to Daniel on the Arizona border in the movie.

They are NEVER nice to me because they know I won’t give them what they want!  In fact, I just read a recent comment in response to this link, which is footage of the  attack upon NY ICE members on May 1, 2012 and I am being called a “racist white bitch” (once again). 

How ”nice”.

The one thing I really wish he had filmed was Americans of Hispanic descent being opposed to illegal alien trespassers.  I didn’t catch that.  Again, here is the link for David’s movie, They Come To America. 


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