Sheriff Joe Arpaio Saves American Jobs

March 1, 2012

Stand With Arizona reports that law enforcement stalwart Sheriff Joe Arpaio doesn’t just stop crime by capturing illegals, he also frees up jobs that legitimate American citizens need and want:

 We hear almost every day that “illegals do the jobs Americans won’t do”. We hear it from left-wing amnesty pimps like La Raza and the ACLU, as well as shills for greedy employers like the U.S. Chamber of Commerce. They often cite “fruit picking” or other agricultural work as examples of work that is “beneath” U.S. workers.

But according to the Pew Hispanic Trustonly 3% of all illegal aliens work in agriculture.  And there is a long-established H2A visa program for farmers who can’t find enough workers.

The vast majority take jobs Americans WILL do and are dying to have in this economy. Every time illegals are removed from jobs, Americans line around the block to get them.

Last year, after Sheriff Joe Arpaio raided 3 Chinese restaurants in Phoenix, removing dozens of illegal aliens – well, just watch for yourself who lined up for hours for the $8/hr jobs Americans supposedly would never do

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