Michele Bachmann’s New York Liaison

December 21, 2011

Disclaimer: American Rattlesnake has not released an official endorsement of any Republican presidential candidate. However, Joanna Marzullo, President of NY ICE, has some news about the campaign of Congresswoman Michele Bachmann which her supporters might want to know. Details after the jump. 

Hi NY ICers,

Thank you to all of the NY ICers who called up Michele B.’s Campaign. After my last list email about Michele B. asking for the membership’s help, they finally got back to me.

She has a new campaign manager, which I think was definitely necessary, considering the previous lack of communication that was going on between her campaign and many of her supporters. Her new campaign manager is Keith N., and I have spoken to him. She also has a volunteer grassroots organizer, Steven H., and I have also spoken with him.

Okay, so they both emphasized the Iowa phone banking initiative for Michele Bachmann. This is their campaign priority right now. If you want to phone bank for Michele, the Link for that is below. You can do this from any state in our nation. You definitely do not need to be in Iowa to do this. You will have to sign up via the Link below, and they give you a Script to follow.

Additionally, no matter what happens, I am trying to find out if Michele has any type of committee about illegal aliens that we can work with.

Here is the phone bank link.

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2 Responses to Michele Bachmann’s New York Liaison

  1. Jeff Lewis on January 3, 2012 at 4:07 AM

    Mrs. Bachmann not only doesn’t have a “committee about illegal aliens” that concerned groups can work with, she apparently doesn’t want one. I say that from a year’s worth of experience trying to educate her Congressional and campaign staff. They simply aren’t listening to ANYONE that is offering Constitutional solutions to the problem. And if they are listening, they either aren’t sharing the information with Mrs. Bachmann, or she is ignoring it. How seriously can we take a candidate for President who, as a sitting Member of Congress, refuses to support tracking illegal alien crime? Mrs. Bachmann has acknowledged she is aware of the magnitude of the problem by virtue of her co-sponsorship of Rep. Steve King’s H.Res. 461, but has NOT co-sponsored the only Constitutional bill to do anything about it, namely, H.R. 3168, “The Illegal Alien Crime Reporting Act of 2011.” http://firecoalition.com/docs/RCG-11-1-11.pdf I’m disappointed, and will not be phone-banking for her or anyone else that won’t walk the walk. I don’t need to hear her say “the American People want…” any more. I need her to say, “I’ve taken action on the problem.” She is still one of only two GOP contenders for the presidency that doesn’t have to wait until Jan. 2013 to “do something” about the largest invasion in world history. I like her, and her staff, but that and $7.00 will buy you a cup of coffee at StarBucks.

  2. John Stahl, TeaPartyImmigrationCoalition on January 3, 2012 at 11:02 AM

    I would like to add that Ms Bachmann has all but destroyed her chances at election precisely because she and/or her staff has rebuffed anyone who attempted to help her draft a cogent strategy and policy.
    We in the Tea Party movement were willing to forgive her tactics last year by “using” the tea partiers to promote her presidential aspirations. When anyone attempted to contact the Tea Party Caucus which she formed, they were, according to my information, listened to politely at first. Later, they were rebuffed or ignored. Then we were willing to forgive her incessant calls for us to go to Washington, DC to protest Obamacare. At the end there were less than 5000 people(some estimate less than 1500) at the last rally. All this despite pleas for no more trips. We were burnt out.
    We at the Tea Party Immigration Coaliton attempted many times to engage her campaign and had a few phone calls with several people. All to no avail.
    It is no wonder that she is dead last at this juncture. In the end, people see through this sort of thing.
    If there were a chance for her, it has to be to embrace grassroots organizations. She must do so honestly, forthrightly and produce results. She cannot simply coddle us. She must embrace our strengths and weaknesses and our ideas,
    All this having been said, we still hope she can be the voice of reason in this raucous debate. We still hope she and her staff will come to understand us. We still have hope of interjecting immigration as a positive issue in the presidential debate.
    We shall see.

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